Ryan Stacey Removed From MUFON Canada, Will Continue With His Gr

By Gail Hodson Shirk, Spaced Out Radio News Wire

Ryan Stacey, Founder of the volunteer group, The Experiencer Support Association, and former National Chief Investigator for MUFON Canada, has announced he was removed from his position with MUFON by Marc St-Germain, Canada’s National Director.

Stacey said the director believed there was a conflict of interest with his group, TESA. The group’s purpose is to assist people who have encountered apparitions, haunts, poltergeists, or other paranormal phenomena.

Marc St-Germain said key positions in a volunteer organization, such as MUFON, need to be filled with people whose focus is not divided between it and any other competing association.

Both Stacey and St-Germain indicated there also had been differences with the direction MUFON needed to take as it moved ahead. They both stated this had bearing on decisions that were made in removing Stacey from his position.

Stacey said, while he is grateful to the former investigators, members, and experiencers he met and worked with in MUFON, he will continue to investigate for, and assist experiencers through TESA.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook)

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