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Richard Dolan Reveals Names Of Those Who May Have Leaked 15 Page UFO Document

UFO researcher, Richard Dolan, streamed another live video on YouTube, today, and provided more information about what he calls ‘The UFO Leaked Documents of the Century.’ These are notes pertaining to a meeting in the back seat of a car, that supposedly took place between Dr Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas R Wilson in October, 2002.
In their meeting, they discussed events surrounding a different meeting in which Admiral Wilson participated in April, 1997, when he was Deputy Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also in attendance were UFO researcher Dr Steven Greer, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, and US Navy Lt Commander Willard Miller. There were two additional individuals present; Admiral Michael Crawford and General Patrick Hughes. During this meeting, the participants discussed classified programs to study alien technology; they were described as “deep black, rogue private organizations that needed to be brought under formal control by the US Government.”
After the formal meeting had concluded, there was another two hour discussion between Miller and Wilson about crashed UFOs, Roswell, MJ-12, aliens and alien bodies. Wilson is supposed to have said he already knew about intelligence on UFOs, and close encounters.
The rest of the 15 page document deals with Miller having shared his and Wilson’s conversation with others. Wilson was very upset, believing this was an egregious breach of confidentiality, trust, and Naval brotherhood.
During this past week, since the posting of Dolan’s video about these 15 pages, the internet came alive with comments, mostly from within the UFO community, on whether the documents were authentic and who were the sources of the leaks. Interviews on radio and podcasts discussed much the same thing; besides their authenticity, people wanted to know who gave the 15 pages to UFO researcher, Grant Cameron, and who originally gave the documents to the person who passed them to Cameron?
Today, during his show, Dolan proffered information which answered many questions. He provided a confirmed name and included a photograph of Grant Cameron’s source. It is an Australian UFO researcher named James Rigney, who has been involved in the UFO community for years. Mr Rigney had been at a conference in the US, and upon seeing Grant Cameron there, believed he had found the right person to whom he should give the documents.
Dolan had an additional name for his viewers to consider. He was discussing Australian UFO researcher, Keith Basterfield, who had worked to correlate all the information available, so as to conclude who he believed was the original source of the 15 page document. Basterfield deduced, and Richard Dolan agreed; the document originated from Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. At this point there is no definitive proof that Mitchell was the original source, but circumstantial evidence is compelling.
Dolan closed his video with an admonition to all, “Things are moving fast so let’s do this right. With clear heads, with prudence, and with courage. Name calling, defamation, loud proclamations are only by those people seeking to muddy the waters. What we need from all sides of this matter is clear presentation of facts. Nothing else will do.”

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Written by Gail Shirk


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