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RCMP Bringing In Under Water Recovery Team In Search For Two BC Teens Wanted For Murder

The search for two BC teens wanted for three murders, has taken a new turn. After a rowboat was found on the Nelson river in northern Manitoba, RCMP sent out an underwater recovery team the night of Saturday, August 3 in the manhunt for the teens. Detectives suspect they may have used the boat to evade authorities. The authorities will not say what or for whom they are looking.*h89dtj*_ga*dlA1UExVSGZFWG5jWWlobjYwZS1pZWk4UWtJaWFUbVg2UHp5Z19TZVoyaHJJTC1ldXhJdVVUMUdsbzIzS2wyXw..

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Written by Gail Shirk


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