Premiering Saturday Night, August 24th, Rich Giordano Joins Spaced Out Radio Broadcast Team

Premiering Saturday night, August 24th, Rich Giordano joins the broadcast team of Spaced Out Radio. He has been a frequent guest of the show, and panel member on SOR’s Friday night, end-of-month round table discussions.

Rich holds the unique position of being a pioneer in live Paranormal Radio, having broadcast the truth about everyone and everything since 2006. He knows his business, owning and operating Gufonetwork, and Gufon Radio Show.

Being the quickest wit on any broadcast, Rich brings listeners a wealth of knowledge, and holds their attention with hilarious voices, anecdotes, and in-depth analyses of all things pertaining to UFOs and Paranormal Radio, real or fake; being one of the few who is trustworthy in discerning the difference.

We welcome Rich Giordano to Spaced Out Radio, the Saturday night edition, and encourage everyone to tune in and get to know our newest host.

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Written by Gail Shirk


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