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New Zealand Police Chase Man On Scooter To Shout Of, “Go Old man, Go!”

A New Zealand man gave police a low-speed chase as they followed him in his mobility scooter speeding down a sidewalk. Charlie Durham, who is a double amputee, fled the police car after they attempted to pull him over for speeding in his scooter.

New Zealand resident, Aleisha Candy, videoed the Wednesday evening chase, and said it was the “funniest thing I have seen in a long time. On the video, Candy can be heard with her son, who is shouting, “Go old man, go!”

Durham had to stop after he got stuck in a driveway that was blocked by a police car. He said the reason he fled was because of fear the police would throw him from his chair, and toss him into a police car. And he wanted to get home to prepare his evening tea.

The police gave Durham two tickets for his chase: the first for failing to pull over, and the second for inconsiderate operation of a mobile scooter. His fine came to just under $160.00.

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Written by Gail Shirk


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