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New York Man Pretends To Be A Cop; Pulls Over Wrong Van

After pulling over a van, while pretending to be a police officer, a New York man found himself eventually being arrested. His problem? He had pulled over a van filled with detectives.
Investigators said Valiery Portlock turned on emergency lights and used an airhorn in Hicksville, a city on Long Island, to pull over the van. Unfortunately for him, that van just happened to be full of detectives from the Nassau County Police Department’s electronics squad.
When detectives identified themselves, Portlock made an effort to flee the scene. He drove away, swerving into oncoming traffic, and sped to the Long Island Expressway, where he was finally stopped by the highway patrol.

Portlock was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation, reckless endangerment and fleeing the police. Following an arraignment, he was released from custody on his own recognizance.

(Photo courtesy of News12)

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Written by Gail Shirk


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