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New Edgar Mitchell Files Release; Alien Autopsy Film Believed Real

Today’s surprise news is additional information provided by Grant Cameron, from Edgar Mitchell’s files, one of which is a memo sent to Robert Bigelow by Dr Eric Davis, pertaining to the Alien Autopsy film. The memo contains names, activities, and places where the alien autopsy was performed, and where the alien or aliens’ bodies are suspected to be stored.

Also included in this release of information is a straight forward statement by the film maker, Ray Santilli, that the film is real and his story regarding its acquisition is true. In an interview on 2006, Santilli is supposed to have stated his film was a “reconstruction” which contained only a few frames from the original rolls of film. He said when he was able to purchase the original they were so degraded they could not be used. Therefore, he reconstructed the film, and simulated an autopsy on a fabricated alien.

This was posted today on Facebook by Colin Woolford, UFO researcher:

“Statement given to me by Ray Santilli on February 15/02/2019 intended for use at UFO Megacon 2019.”

“After more than 23 years living with the subject I still maintain that the Alien Autopsy film I marketed was not a hoax and that the film is a restoration of original footage and undertaken with great expertise by extremely talented and experienced individuals.

The film is a remarkable testament to a unique event in 1947 and the skills of the team used to restore the film.”
Ray Santilli

Woolford also stated, “The footage is real and Ray and his team were threatened and made to change their story to it being a recreation in 2006.
The canisters were confiscated including those with Truman.
The first autopsy (seen by a few researchers) filmed by the cameraman went mysteriously missing.(some stills are available)
This was why Ray could never offer any samples for testing other than those given by Bob Shell which was accurate and indeed indicated 1947.
John Humphreys had no involvement other than making a poor copy of the being for the 2006 Ant and Dec disinformation film Alien Autopsy.
Spyros Melaris had no role in creating said hoax.
Peter Ioannou (Spyros’s brother) had no role either.
Gareth Watson is not the surgeon behind the window.
Greg Simmons is not the soldier.
Georgina Artemis Gammack i would suggest doesn’t even exist and if she does will never come forward.”

With all the intrigue, authenticity or fakery of the film again in question, names of people who still could bring out the truth now available, UFOlogy is at fever pitch, and for good reason. Planet Earth and its inhabitants have never been closer to having answers to the question, “Is anyone else out there?”

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Written by Gail Shirk


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