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Grocery Stores And Bananas; Some Days Spiders, Some Days Cocaine

King County, Washington Safeway employees are accustomed to an occasional spider lurking in bunches of bananas, but they were shocked to find $550,000 worth of cocaine hidden in boxes of bananas they were arranging in the store’s back room.

The Safeway employees called police after discovering the substance hidden in boxes of fruit. The King County Sheriff’s Office tested contents of packages, and confirmed they had uncovered 48 pounds of cocaine, worth approximately $550,000.

It became an even bigger law enforcement investigation as two more Safeway stores in western Washington also found cocaine hidden in their shipments of bananas. Washington State Officials are estimating total worth of cocaine from the three Safeway stores is over $1 million.

The sheriff’s office stated this is an ongoing investigation. Detectives do not know yet where the bananas came from, but they are pursuing leads to determine the source.

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Written by Gail Shirk


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