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Florida Man Swings Sword At Jogger Over Cart From Pile Of Trash

Jogger, Todd Beavers, was running through a neighborhood, and came upon an empty house with a load of disposable junk out front. He stopped to check out the pile of trash, which also was being inspected by a Florida Man.
Beavers spied a plastic dump cart, and decided to take it. His interest in the cart angered Florida Man, who believed the cart was his, because he was there first.
The two men had a verbal disagreement, and Beavers finally just took the cart, and was on his way. It didn’t take him long to notice he was being followed by Florida Man, who pulled a sword from its red sheath as he approached Beavers.
Florida Man slashed wildly at Beavers’ arms as they struggled over who was going to have the cart. When Beavers motioned toward a home camera system, Florida Man left.
The sheriff’s office has stated an unidentified woman came to Beavers’ property a few minutes later, and dragged the cart away while hurling insults at him. Detectives think the woman and Florida Man know each other.
Beavers has stated he regrets his behavior, and realizes he was very lucky to have come out of that experience with no injuries, or even worse. Police are looking for Florida Man and the unidentified woman who dragged the cart away.

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Written by Gail Shirk


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